Fifteen For Future has been formed!

Fifteen For Future formed in the beginning of march 2019 as a reaction to media’s, the politician’s and the adult world’s response to Greta Thunberg’s initiative #schoolstrike4climate and #fridaysforfuture. We felt that the response was either patronising, negative or too  lame. Too much focus was put on ”Greta  and the youth-phenomenon”, whether school striking for the climate was okey or not. Some adults and world leaders supported the movement, but we felt that we, the adults, needed to do more than applaud the children. We needed to meet up to the challenge the young ones  put in our hands. A challenge that the scientific community have been trying to raise awareness for, for decades. Important information that media, educational institutions and world leaders have failed to communicate the seriousness of, to us the general public.
Fifteen For Future now understands and we know that we have to act. We can’t leave it up to our children and young adults to push things forward more than they already have.

What we have to do!

Each and everyone in the indistrualised world, need to decrease our fossil fuel emissions by 15% every year until we reach a level where our climate begins to stabilise. We need to look at our daily lives, at work and in our spare time.  We need to look at what we can influence through our positions or skills in life. The good news is that a 15% shift in routines, choices or habits is not hard to do – most people, who are priviliged and doesn’t live in poverty, can do it. We have gotten used to so many unnecessary habits because we haven’t hade any reason to reflect upon them. Now we do, because many of our habits are causing a breakdown in the environment and in the climate that we desperately need to function as our life support!

The good news too

When you start thinking what small changes you, yourself, can do in your everyday life or what you can do at your work place, through your workplace or the position that you hold, will see that there are lots of things that can easily be done. Right away! When connect and move together, when we use our joint creativity, on all levels of society and organizations;  WE CAN succeed and we WILL manage the changes that we all need.

 A learing journey and a supporting network

Many of us in Fifteen For Future is embarking on a learning journey now. Many of us haven’t reflected much upon the global heating or necessary changes,  because we have believed that we had time. That the scientists, engineers and politicians was on their way to solve the problem. Now we know it is not so. We are all in a difficult and complex situation together and we need to solve it together. We will post the answers and ideas we find along the way on this website. In the Facebook group ”The 15% Challenge” we discuss and share tips with others. Hopefully we can help raise the general level of knowledge, make facts more conrete and understandable and offer advice and solutions that people can handle and are meaningful.
Welcome to participate where ever you are and share YOUR progress. When you do you will be a part of a growing community that shares and cares about the environment and the creatures that inhabit it.
#jagharförstått #the15challenge #fridaysforfuture
#climatebreakdown #climatecrisis #schoolstrike4climate

2 svar på ”Fifteen For Future has been formed!”

  1. Lägg upp er debattartikel direkt och överst på sidan så den är lätt att dela. DN ofta låst för ickeorenumeranter. Sajten ser oproffsig ut där det står ”detta är en exempelsida”. Bra debattartikel måste mötas med bra innehåll på sajten för att få genomslag! Lycka till.

    1. Tack Amelie. Något har hänt med webbplatsen – bloggarna ska ligga på ”exempelsidan”, ska försöka ordna det. Angående att lägga upp debattartikeln överst har vi varit lite osäkra på om vi får det, eftersom DN villkorar att texten är deras efter publikation och då inte får kopieras eller delas utanför deras egen länk…
      Vi är nya och försiktiga i mediasvängen – annars hade vi absolut tänkt lägga upp artikeln på hemsidan.

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