About Fifteen For Future

Fifteen For Future is an independent, non profit network of ordinary people who wants to help facilitate more everyday action in response to the Swedish activist Greta Thunberg’s initiative #fridaysforfuture. We are not connected to, and are not funded by any organisation – political or financial. We are simply a group of people who have understood that we are all in a serious situation and that we must tackle it together.
 Fifteen For Future’s initiative builds on 1 basic realisation and 4 intentions. We suggest 5 steps for action that everybody can take.

The realisation:

In the industrialised, developed parts of the world, the fossil fuel emissions need to be lowered by 15% per year until we reach a carbon neutral way of living – a level of that doesn’t endanger our lives and societies. That means we all must make changes in the way we live and work, the way we manufacuture things and the way we transport both products and our selves. This will take som effort, but it doesn’t mean we have to turn our lives upside down. We just have to find alternative ways and help eachother do it in a smart way.

Our 4 intentions

When Fifteen For Future engage in any kind of project or work we want to reach out in a comprehensible way so that people:
1. Learn something new about about climate changes, it’s effects on us and how humanity causes the fossile fuel emissions that ends up as greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
2. Understand how serious the global heating is getting and how important it is to initiate changes right away.
3. Get inspiration to what they, themselves, can do and how they can do it, in different areas of their own lives.
4. Leave with a sense that solution is within reach and that it can be a positive journey. We want people to get a boost of energy and start doing something in their lives and welcome them into our network if they want to.

Our 5 suggestions for action

1. Look at what changes you can make right now in your everyday life.
For a lot of people a 15% change is fairly easy to do by cutting down on or changing unnecessary habits. If you have already adapted to a climate neutral life, maybe you can find ways to help others understand how to achieve the same thing or volunteer in some organisationa that works to support our climate?

2. Look if there are any changes that can be done where you work.
In how you transport yourselves? In what materials you use or import? In what energy source you use?  Can you swap merchandise you import from long distances to something that comes from a closer location?

3. Look at what you can do or influence through your experience, your profession or your position in society.
If you are a teacher – can you use your skills to teach about climate changes? If you are a driving instructor – can you volunteer to teach ecodriving for free once a month? If you work in media – can you use your skills or network to spread information, build campagins, create television shows? If you sell cars – can you sponsor electrical cars with 15%? If you are a business leader – what adjustments can you make in your organization or regarding the environmental traces you make all through your production line? If your are a politician – well the sky seems the limit from our point of grassroot view.

4. Talk about it.
Tell friends and people about how you think and about what you do. Spread good ideas and help make it common to care and act for our climate. The more we talk about it, the more people will understand and become interested. We are all in the 15% challenge together but many people doesn’t know that yet.

5. Start right away, but make it easy.
Begin with small steps. Learn more. Don’t cut down or stop things that you love, but try to make better or more conscious choices. You will probably find alternatives that you will find fit you just as well. Connect with groups or networks that can make your transition easier and more fulfilling.

Can we reach all areas where change is needed?

Yes, Through this way, step by step, person to person, we can achieve a system change all over the world and in all areas of society; individuals, organizations and governments. Why? Because systems, companies, organisations and govenrments are composed of individuals and when everybody understands what is needed and work together,  humankind is unstoppable! We will probably not reach everyone, because there is  a strong conviction amongst some groups of people that the climate crisis and that humanity is causing it is fake news. But we will reach enough people to make a difference, and that’s what’s most important. We just need you to join the effort and help spread the word.

With this website

We want to build a platform where facts and good advise are posted in a clear and understandable way. Where you will find tips and solutions that feels managable to you. We will share our own journey and post good examples to try to inspire you.
Welcome to participate in this 15% challenge where ever you are. When you do you will be a part of a growing community that shares and cares about the environment and all living things that inhabit it, including eachother.
Join or follow us in our Facebook group ”The 15% Challenge” where discussions are held and tips are shared. Mostly in Swedish, but you will find some texts and explanations in English too and you are welcome to post in English.
We post in English on Instagram.

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